The Advancing Technology in Fireworks Displays

Technology continues to improve everything – and that includes highly anticipated firework shows. Gone are the days of lighting fireworks by hand when it comes to grand pyrotechnic displays. Today, fireworks manufacturers and show organisers use technology to make outstanding pyrotechnic shows.

Video simulation

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, a lot of work happens during the planning stage of a fireworks display. This includes drafting the entire show as to which firework goes off when and what colours will be in the night sky at a certain time.

At this stage, video simulation applications become a really helpful addition to the arsenal of display organisers. Some advanced versions of these programmes project 3-D renders of the entire show to project the entire event in all possible camera angles. Moreover, through this technology, it becomes easier to choose tracks as the sound bed and blend it with the fireworks that will go off come the actual show.

Software-aided choreography

We all know that computers help pyrotechnicians get things right. But more than this, they also use software to aid them with the choreography. Similar to the function of video simulation computer applications make it possible to coordinate the music with the exact time the fireworks go off.

Instant ignition

In a pyromusical, the booms and bangs have to go off exactly at the time of the music’s beat. Of course computer programming can only go so far in ensuring this which means the display organisers must have something manual that they can use to maintain the fireworks’ synchronisation with the show’s other elements.

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