Behind the Scenes: How the Pro’s Set Up Fireworks Shows

That last grand fireworks display you saw took hours of planning to complete. While the show seemed to last for only a few minutes, pyrotechnicians dedicated a lot of work to pull off such a stunning feat. Let us take you behind the scenes and explain how a display starts from the spark of an idea to its dramatic finale.

The Plan

Pyrotechnicians get together and discuss how the show should go. There would be a lot of talk concerning the budget for the display, the style, the design of the fireworks, the timing, the site layout and the safety considerations. This part also involves communicating with the authorities to iron out all technicalities.

The Layout

The company conducts a site survey. By visiting the area, the pyrotechnicians can visualise and detail the sequences for the show. The placement of fireworks is crucial as well as the order of which ones go airborne first. Normally, the pros link the opening and closing sequences together and use special feature elements to make the show stand out.

The Orchestration

Music is an integral part of a fireworks display, especially in a pyromusical. This is why many use an edited soundtrack to make the experience more enjoyable. Normally, the showground’s PA system plays the tune and the pyrotechnicians sync the fireworks sequence with it. This part involves some work with a computer. Today it is only the smaller shows are lit by hand which means everything has to be programmed onto a computer so that the firing is more precise.

The Logistics

A show calls for a lot of preparation in the logistics department. You have to make sure that there are enough fireworks to light up and that the right pyrotechnics are present to create the planned sequence. You also have to brief the crew about the flow of the event. Certain pieces of professional equipment are also necessary to make the show a success.

Fireworks companies set up the hardware based on the initial layout. Sequencing comes next in which pyrotechnicians fuse the fireworks together in the right order and use slower fuses and delays to perfect the timing.

The Outcome

The outcome of course is the grand display and after the tedious preparation process the audience finally gets to enjoy the beauty of the fireworks. For any pyrotechnician the audience’s amazement with the display is what makes the entire process worth it.

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