Celebrate Halloween With a Bang!

The nights are getting darker, the temperatures are getting lower and for most this is the point in which human hibernation starts…not here at Fireworks international!

At the Fireworks International HQ we are now preparing for our busiest and most exciting season of all with a variety of upcoming celebrations perfect for a good fireworks display between October and the New Year.

Voted the UKs thirst most lucrative festival, Halloween now upon us and trick or treating, costume parties, haunted tours and our personal favourite, firework displays, have been organised! Although fireworks are not the first thing

that comes to mind on Halloween (we have our very own Guy Fawkes festival for that) fireworks can be a great form of entertainment to aid your party or event.

Halloween has only been popular in the UK for about 10 years and is still seen as a fairly new festival that is heavily influenced by American trends. Why not be the first of your friends to host a KILLER (get it?!) Halloween party starting with a set piece light up skeleton upon entry, leading to a scary treasure hunt round the spooky decorated garden ending with a fun finale of fireworks!

To get you started our party pack display pack is a great crowd pleaser and a suitable warm up for your main show on bonfire night! Want to give your guests a scare? Try some loud rockets guaranteed to make even the toughest of men jump! Whatever your chosen product it’s still not too late to pop into our store and take a look at the fantastic selection.

Not in the mood for a lavish party? How about a family night in? Scary movie switched on, popcorn in hand, lights off! Below we have listed our Halloween Top 5 charts that should give you inspiration and enjoyment whatever your plans!

Firework International Scare Charts


  1. Party Pack
  2. Rocket Pack 1
  3. Merlin’s Cauldron
  4. Skeleton Set Piece
  5. Trojan Barrel

Scary Movies

  1. The Woman in Black
  2. The Blair Witch Project
  3. The Conjuring Poltergeist
  4. The Silence of the Lambs
  5. The Exorcist

Halloween Songs

  1. Thriller
  2. Monster Mash
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. The Adams Family
  5. Tubular Bells

Fancy Dress Outfits

  1. Black Swan
  2. Crazy Clown
  3. Mummy
  4. Scary Joker
  5. Vampire


  1. Apple bobbing
  2. Spooky garden treasure hunt
  3. Guess the object in the box (blindfolded)
  4. Scary Face painting
  5. Make a mummy (split into 2 teams, use loo roll to make a mummy using one team member, best looking mummy wins!)
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