Drones: The Next Big Thing in Documenting Fireworks?

If viral videos are any indication of what is about to be the next major fad, drones shooting videos of fireworks might just be the next sensation. Recently, one YouTube video has made the rounds online, showing how beautifully drones – or, in more technical terms, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – capture footage of fireworks as they explode midair.
The videos are in one word, spectacular. The drone manages to get close to the action and show the breathtaking explosions that add colour to the night sky. The videos were captured in the United States but this has sparked the curiosity of some people, wondering if the same thing is possible here in the UK. It probably is. Although our authorities would have to iron out a few things first.

Fireworks laws
The UK laws are pretty strict when it comes to fireworks and we have covered the measures in one of our previous blog posts. Nonetheless, these statutes mention nothing about recording video. Even though recording is on the audience’s volition, there is some risk associated with it.

UAV laws
The Civil Aviation Authority has already imposed some policies, particularly calling on to those entities who want to fly UAVs to register their drones. Of course, big organisations have already gotten their permits. Nonetheless, there is no word yet as to how things would fare when it comes to using drones for recreational purposes which brings us to our last point: organisation.

Central organisation
If ever UAVs become accessible to the general public for recreational purposes, there is the need for a body that would monitor the use of these devices; moreover, a way to figure out certain breaches of the would-be imposed regulations.

So, are drones going to be the next big thing in capturing photos and videos of fireworks? Quite possibly, although at the moment, it is too early to tell. Perhaps we will enjoy more aerial footage of fireworks in the future, but there is a lot of work to be done before that becomes a real trend supported by everyone.

In the meantime, we are all about enjoying fireworks in great displays. With Fireworks International’s collection of beautiful, first-rate pyrotechnics, no night sky will ever be dull and colourless. Talk to us and let us light up the sky with awesome fireworks.

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