Fireworks International Improves Firework Packages for Weddings

Fireworks International improves their line of fireworks designed for weddings to give couples more variety. This service aims to help newlyweds make the most important day of their lives as memorable as possible.

Fireworks International, the leading online retailer of fireworks in the UK, improves their line of fireworks designed for weddings to give couples more variety. This service aims to give newlyweds a fireworks display that will make the wedding day as memorable as possible. The company offers a fireworks line that ranges from easy-to-use single ignition packs to large display packs that rival professional displays.

Wedding Fireworks

The current wedding fireworks line features old favourites such as the Crazy Horse Pack (£65.99), Silver Cyclone Dragon (£100.00), Oriental Warrior (£149.99), and Dynasty (£199.99). Fireworks International also offers the professionally assembled Pyro Finales 1, 2 and 3 valued at £145.00, £280.00, and £499.00, respectively.

Fireworks International guarantees clienteles that guests who witness these packs in action will leave in awe at send-off to the bride and groom.

Wedding Displays

Fireworks International also offers couples the option of hiring their professional team to set up and ignite the fireworks display. The company offers budget packages for these services, starting at £550.00.

Fireworks wedding display packs come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packs. These packs cost £550 (6-7 mins.), £750 (7-8 mins.), £1000 (10-11 mins.), and £1500 (15-16 mins.) respectively. Fireworks International also provides an ‘Extras’ pack, which features tried and tested accompaniments such as a push-button start, names in the sky, and  exploding hearts.

Specific Wedding Orders

The company designs each pack and firework specifically with wedding receptions in mind. Fireworks International offers excellent value for money, coupled with stellar customer service. The online retailers display manager handles event orders – from initial contact, site survey, risk assessment, to the day itself.

Fireworks International also anticipates weddings held at venues that do not allow loud noises. For these type of locations, the company offers a range of low noise displays that offer the same visual thrills of a standard fireworks display, without the major noise.

About Fireworks International

Fireworks International is one of the UK’s largest online retailers of fireworks. The company has been in operation for 25 years, and started out as a single retail store in Derby. Fireworks International aims to make fireworks as safe as possible by offering free training to customers in sessions held throughout the year in various locations across the country.

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