Fireworks Shows to See Before You Die

Here in the UK, we are known to celebrate the Guy Fawkes Night, which is characterised by a festive vibe and magnificent fireworks displays but there are other fireworks shows around the globe that you can be part of if you’re itching to see those giant, dancing lights filling the sky.

Fireworks International have come up with a list of fireworks shows on the other sides of the planet to serve as your guide in case you’re flying abroad. Here are some of them.

New Year’s Eve (Sydney, Australia)
If you spend your New Year in Australia (or luckily, in Sydney), visit the Sydney Harbour and wait for the New Year Countdown. The grandiose fireworks become more magnificent as they are launched from harbour barges and seven skyscrapers. Also, there are harbour boats that illuminate the waters and complement the aerial lights.

Montreal International Fireworks Festival (Canada)
L’International des Feux Loto-Québec, more popularly known as the Montreal Fireworks Festival, is touted by many as the biggest and most prominent fireworks festival in the world. Fireworks companies from all over the world collaborate for this event and come up with a 30-minute show. Currently, Italy is the holder of the Gold Jupiter award.

Pohang International Fireworks Festival (South Korea)
If you’re staying on the east coast of South Korea, you shouldn’t miss the Pohang International Fireworks Festival. This event usually takes place from the last week of July until the first week of August. France, China, Canada and South Korea will be participating in this year’s festival.

Diwali (India)
In case you want something solemn or an event that will have a touch on your introspective persona, you can visit India and be a spectator in Diwali. Also known as Dipawali, Diwali is the country’s biggest celebration of the year. You can also marvel at the lanterns and floating diyas, or oil lamps.
These are only some of the most colourful and grandest fireworks shows in the world you have to see at least once in your life. You can also emulate the fireworks patterns you see in these shows in case you want to join a competition. Contact us if you’re thinking of taking part in such events.

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