Make A Guy For Your Bonfire In 5 Steps

No bonfire is complete without a Guy.

Like making scarecrows, making a Guy for Bonfire Night is a great way of getting the whole family working on a task together.

Put some time aside this weekend and make your Guy Fawkes effigy in time for 5th November!

1. Get Some Clothes

Use some old clothes such as a shirt, trousers and jacket for your Guy. You could also use old pyjamas.

Remember that what you’re putting on your Guy will be burnt, so don’t use anything you’re not happy to let go!

2. Creating The Torso

The torso is the part of the Guy that holds everything else together, so it needs to be nice and strong!

We recommend using an old feather pillow as a torso. If you don’t have an old pillow then get a pillowcase and stuff it full of newspaper.

3. Creating Arms & Legs

Creating the arms of your Guy is much easier than you think! Tie the end of each sleeve with string before stuffing full of newspaper.

Repeat the process with the legs. Tie the end of each trouser leg with string and fill with newspaper.

You could use old bedding or towels, but newspapers are a much cheaper alternative!

4. Creating The Head

The head can be created in the same way as the arms and legs.

Get an old cushion cover and stuff full of newspaper so it forms a head shape. Tie the base off with a long piece of string. You’ll use this piece of string to attach the head to the body, so make sure it’s long enough!

Paint or draw on a face for your guy, don’t forget the moustache!

5. Put It All Together

Put the shirt and trousers on the torso, tying everything together tightly with string.

With the long piece of string on the base of the head, attach the head to the torso securely.

Finally, add accessories like a hat and scarf before putting your Guy on top of the bonfire!


  • Avoid using plastics and synthetics for your Guy, as you want it to burn without giving off chemical fumes.
  • Always keep children well away from bonfires and fireworks.

Stay safe and enjoy Bonfire Night!

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