Single Ignition Fireworks

A single ignition firework is also known as a display in a box, a cake, a repeater or a multi-shot. These great value packs offer ease and convenience as they contain everything needed to have a great fireworks display. With just a single ignition needed, the pack does everything for you, enabling you to relax and enjoy your firework display!

A single ignition firework display is quickly becoming the UK’s favourite, as it’s the most convenient way to have an impressive firework display in your back garden! Simply choose your pack, follow the single ignition firework instructions included and stand back to watch your fireworks light up the sky!

The best single ignition fireworks offer a super short preparation time in return for a great value display. The main benefit of these types of fireworks is their single ignition action. Once lit, the display fires each type of firework at a specific time, so you don’t need to keep going back and forth to light each type of firework individually. This hands-off approach also makes single ignition fireworks a much safer way of lighting fireworks at home.

Some home-owners prefer not to use fireworks due to safety concerns, but with single ignition fireworks, many of these concerns are taken away completely. Once you’ve lit the single fuse, there’s no need for you to approach the fireworks until after the display has finished and the box has cooled. This means that you can spend more time at your party or gathering, without having to worry about your fireworks.

When you’re looking to buy single ignition fireworks online, you should consider what you’d like to use them for. Are you looking for a quick display, or a great ending to a display?

Whether you’re looking to use single ignition fireworks with family, friends or as a company, Fireworks International have something for you. Take a look at our Special Offers to see quality fireworks at a great discount!

If these single ignition fireworks aren’t large enough for the display that you have in mind, then take a look at our Mega Cakes & Barrages. Alternatively, you can also bulk buy Firework Barrage Packs from us too.

For information on firework display safety, take a look at RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)’s website.

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Single ignition fireworks are used by lighting the firework once and then simply standing back and enjoying the show whilst a variety of different firework effects appear in front of your eyes. With names like 'Master of the Universe' and 'Dynasty' you can tell these single ignition fireworks are made to impress. Bright colors and dazzling shots are cleverly choreographed to light up the skys whilst you sit back and enjoy a stress free show.