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Make any occasion more magical with an awesome fireworks display. Fireworks International offers professionally fired firework displays and cheap fireworks in the UK. Choosing the right fireworks and planning your show are the keys to an amazing fireworks display. Whether you’re preparing for a birthday party, wedding, or a simple get-together, you can give your guests a treat with our cheap fireworks for sale.

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  • Sale! 9102 Flying Pigeon

    Flying Pigeon

    £50.00Was: £100.00
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  • Has Video Sale! Voodoo and Thors

    Voodoo and Thors

    £60.00Was: £90.00
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  • Sale! 1406 Carnival Time

    Carnival Time

    £75.00Was: £100.00
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  • Sale! 1197 Guys Supermix

    Guys Super Mix

    £90.00Was: £180.00
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  • Mega Monster Mix

    Mega Monster Mix

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  • Sale! Mighty Barrage

    Mighty Barrage

    £110.00Was: £160.00
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  • Sale! 2404 Solar Twins

    Solar Twins

    £120.00Was: £190.00
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  • Sale! Patriot Rocket Pack

    Patriot Rocket Pack

    £130.00Was: £260.00
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  • Sale! 1159 Voyager

    Voyager Display Pack

    £355.00Was: £710.00
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Do-it-Yourself or Professionally Fired
At Fireworks International, we make sure that you have everything you need to give your guests an unforgettable show. We offer fireworks and fireworks display services. For big events, most of our clients choose to hire our trained pyro technicians. For smaller gatherings, you can choose a DIY display by buying high-quality cheap UK fireworks from us.

Different Types of Fireworks
The first step to planning your own display is to learn about the different types of fireworks you can use. With the many choices you have, we know it can be difficult to choose fireworks for your event. To make it easier for you, we've grouped our fireworks into different categories. You can choose from our display packs, noise packs, and barrage packs. We also have mega cakes, sparklers, wedding fireworks, and rockets. We know some of you don't want a display that produces too much noise. So we made a low noise cheap fireworks UK display that is as colourful and exciting as our other products.

You don't have to spend a fortune for a beautiful fireworks display. Check out our cheap fireworks for sale and have fun lighting up the sky.