The Ultimate Collection

Brand new for 2013, The Ultimate Collection had been inspired by our Professional Display Team. We have taken some of the fireworks used by them and modified them very slightly to make them suitable for sale to you. ENJOY the are simply stunning!

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  • Has Video Thunderbolt and Lightning

    Thunderbolt and Lightning

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  • Has Video Coconut Tree

    Coconut Tree

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  • Has Video Silver Cyclone Dragon

    Silver Cyclone Dragon

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  • Has Video Grand Finalé

    Grand Finale

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  • Has Video Pandoras Box

    Pandoras Box

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  • Atlas & Hercules

    Atlas & Hercules

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Whether it's for your firework loving family or an event/celebration with the modifications made by fireworks international it is now possible to share the ultimate collection of professional standard display fireworks with friends and family in your own garden or outdoor space. Described as 'simply stunning' by our team, the ultimate collection fireworks come highly recommended if making a statement is what your all about. Let the as effects do the talking as they steal the show with their height, power and unique effects. The ultimate collection do exactly as it says on the tin and bring you the best of the best. We are proud to offer them as our top quality luxe fireworks at an affordable price starting from just £80. With no cutting corners or compromise the iGrand Finale', 'Pandoras Box' and many more ultimate collection fireworks on offer leave audiences well and truly in awe as they admire the dramatic effects in the sky.