Stash them Right: The Correct Method for Storing Fireworks

There are cases when you have to think about the storage of the fireworks you bought. This procedure may sound simple, but you would have to think of different guidelines to ensure that your pyrotechnics would not result in a fire. Follow these pointers when storing your fireworks to make sure they’re still as perfect as when you ordered them once you light them up.

Use a Good Container

Remember how the fireworks you ordered came in a sturdy carton container? That just goes to show how the manufacturer abides by the legal standards. Ideally, you store the pyrotechnics using the same container. If this is not possible anymore, just make sure that you are using a container with a lid. Usually, plastic tubs work fine.

Check the Area

The area is perhaps the thing you should be very concerned about. Even though you use a good container, if the area is inappropriate for the pyrotechnics, the whole act could go wrong.

First off, remove all sources of ignition in the location where you plan to stash the products. Appliances like floor heaters only make them risky to store, so move those things elsewhere in your property. Be sure to take out petroleum and other flammable substances too. Keep the fire extinguisher close by and ensure that it is completely functional.

Logically, the area should be enclosed, but it should not be an area where the environment is damp. Moisture can pose a lot of issues with pyrotechnics that could render them dangerous or useless. The main consideration is that the place should be dry at all times.

Do install a smoke detector in the area of storage, as well as a carbon monoxide detector, just to be sure. Arm them with fresh batteries.

Don’t let children or pets near the storage area.

Follow Legal Guidelines

Read about the different laws that govern the fireworks trade, safety, and storage in the UK. Good starting points include British Standards BS 7114, BS EN 14035, and Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010.

At Fireworks International, we are just as passionate about safety as we are about pyrotechnics. We comply with all legal requirements and safety standards to ensure the most fun out of our products minus the accidents. To know more about our products, talk to us.

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