Sydney Celebrates 100 Years of Navy Fleet with Fireworks Spectacular!

When it comes to fireworks Sydney is well known for doing it in style, from New Year celebrations to the Sydney Olympics held back in 2000, Australia’s largest city certainly didn’t disappoint last Saturday 5th October when marking 100 years of navy fleet in the harbour with a fireworks spectacular.

October 2013 marked a century since the seven warships which formed the beginning of Australia’s royal navy entered Sydney harbour. To mark this anniversary over 20 warships from 17 different nations did the same, proudly sailing into the port causing an exciting atmosphere, attendance of VIP guests and event to remember.

Starting at 7.40 and lasting 30 minutes in length it was the biggest display hosted by the city since the Olympic Games and featured light projections, music and narration to aid the colourful and extravagant display.

With The iconic Sydney opera house and bridge as the backdrop for the display the harbour was lit up with nearly 8 tonnes of fireworks and viewed by thousands of people along the harbour and an estimated 1 million witnessing the event from parks, balconies and homes in the area.

Responsible for the extravaganza was Firework expert Fortunato Foti chief of pyrotechnics for Sydney’s New Year celebrations. With a 12 month planning period and VIP Guests including Prince Harry and the Australian Prime Minister the stakes were high yet confidence great as Project Director Heath Campanaro predicted it to be ‘one of the most amazing things we’ve seen.’

Below we have attached some clips of the event and we must agree, spectacular as promised! …What are your thoughts?

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